Meeting High Demands of Our Customers

D & M Electrical Power has been one of the pioneers in generator repair and generator sales in Illinois, since 1996. As the rest of the country watched and worried when Hurricane Katrina inched closer and closer to the Gulf of Mexico, we were coordinating with our suppliers and competitors to reach the amount of generators needed to help the people of New Orleans and surrounding areas. We worked day and night to help gather and arrange the shipments of generators to be delivered to the Gulf area. We delivered as many generators as possible before the storms and hurricane hit the areas. We continued to work diligently to gather generators to help the devastated areas.

After the storms passed, many of the offshore oil riggers were out of commission because their generators were flooded or washed away from the platforms. We then worked hard to fill those specialized orders.Our customers needed generators placed in trailers to be able to be delivered to shore to go on the oil riggers to resume production. In addition, we supplied many different capacities of generators to the hardest hit areas. We worked with customers to supply large generators to help supply electricity for the devastated communities then and now living in temporary housing.